Abalone Shell
Releases deep confined emotions, helps assist with harmony, balance and addictions.
Agate Helps lymphatic system, improves self esteem, heals emotional issues that hold back relationships, adds a quality of being brave to start. Assists with nausea, confusion and brings strength.
Amethyst Inspires wisdom spiritually, stress reliever, physical and emotional, enhances self esteem and helps oversensitivity.
Black Agate Attracts good fortune. Increases concentration and clarity. Removes jinxes and eliminates bad luck. Assists with strength, courage, calms. Great for menopause.
Black Onyx The stone of strength, protection, and self control. Great for healing old injuries and physical trauma.
Blue Chalcedony Reduces anger, eases communication, assists with blood circulation, lessons effects of dementia and improves lactation.
Blue Goldstone Blue Gold stone is a man made stone. It has been infused with copper, which is good
to treat arthritis. Also, known as the energy stone.
Blue Lace Agate Stones of happiness, removes stress, reduces anxiety.
Carnelian Increases energy, creativity, motivation, calms, releases anxiety. Helps lower back pain.
Citrine Attracts abundance, wealth, courage and strength.
Clear Quartz A stone of amplification and clarity, used to focus. Great for spiritual work.
Coin Pearls Helps you become complete, become all you can be, feminine wisdom and stress relief.
Fire Agate Deep calming energy, brings problems to a close. Keeps another person’s ill wishing and vibrations
at bay. Assists with security and safety. Reduces hot flashes.
Fluorite Calms soul, allows mind to concentrate, absorbs negativity, keeps open mind.
Freshwater Pearls Helps you become all you can be, becoming complete, feminine wisdom and stress relief.
Garnet The Devotion Stone, inspires love, fertility, assists with heart, lungs, blood and eyesight.
Green Aventurine Emotional clearing, strengthens leadership qualities, absorbs environmental pollution.
Green Moss Agate Speedy recovery, boosts immune system. Growth, nurturing, and new beginnings.
Hematite Ground one self, repel negative energy.
Iolite Assists with financial independence (making one responsible) brings love within ourselves.
Jasper Finish what you started, absorbs negative energy, brings balance, supports circulatory and
digestive system.
Labradorite The enthusiasm and power stone: You can see through the clouds to your goals and dreams. Brings patience, self esteem. Balances & regulates metabolism for diet.
Lapis Assists with thyroid, poor memory, fatigue, fibromyalgia and clear conversations.
Larimar Brings peace and serenity.
Moonstone Protects travelers, contributes to positive change. The stone of strength and self control. Fertility, reduces PMS and mood swings. Great for healing old injuries and physical trauma, assists w/alcoholism.
Obsidian A grounding stone, develop strength for standing up for one’s self against any enemy. Protects sensitive people against depression. It is a soft hearted persons stone.
Peridot Symbol of purity/morality, undying love and admiration. Protector against negative emotions… a healing stone.
Red Sponge Coral Believed to prevent illness, yields depression, symbolizes life, tames tempers.
Rhodocrosite Helps elevate loneliness, helps with self acceptance, and confidence also softly brings painful & suppressed feelings to the surface.
Rhodolite The relaxation stone, calms the nervous system.
Rose Quartz Calming stone, emotionally heals, opens heart, reduces fear & resentments. Good for dealing with Cancer, heals a broken heart.
Shell Gain insight, spiritual power, protection.
Sky Blue Topaz The understanding, wisdom, fulfillment stone. The truth promoter and protection stone. Can bring blessings of joy to one’s life.
Smokey Quartz A stone of cleaning, opening one’s mind, enhances learning. Assists with chemotherapy and radiation sickness
Sodalite Inner peace, harmony, letting go of fear, stimulates trust, confidence and boots immune system.
Tiger’s Eye Grounding, courage, heals issues of self worth, lifts moods, assists vision, helps with lower back pain (foundation/money).
Turquoise Reduces negative energy and depression, introduces inner calmness, relaxing and good fortune, great for the whole body.
White Topaz Good for TMJ, depression, increases confidence.
Yellow Jasper Brings balance to the Chakras, releases toxins.
Nevaeh's Design Collection of other, Spiritual Meanings and Strengths
Banyan Tree The Banyan tree is believed to lead a long and happy married life. A wishful filling divine tree.
Celtic Knot There is several meanings; never–ending life, interweaving of knots associated with eternity and all that surrounds life.
Om The smallest Mantra, but the Ultimate Natural Sound, Related to God/Heaven. Sign/symbol used for meditation and worship.
Rose Flower The Rose is a symbol of secrets, love, passion, devotion, joy and pain.
Sunflower Their open face symbolizes the sun itself, conveying warmth and happiness, adoration and longevity.
Yin-Yang or Tai Chi Are the Negative and Positive phases in the cyclic flow of Chi this is the root of power, the beginning of everything.
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