Clearing Your Stones:

Each piece of Nevaeh’s Design Jewelry will be Reiki Infused and cleansed (to activate) before they are mailed to the customer. After a period of using your crystal or gemstone it may start to feel hot, heavy or sticky. The Jewelry pieces from Nevaeh’s Design after some use will need to be cleansed of Energy for your highest best. They absorb and transmit energy. A cleared, gemstone or crystal feels positive and bright, tingly and cold to the touch. When cleansing your piece from Nevaeh, I suggest using the full moon light. Place your piece in the moon light over night. Either that is outside in the direct moon light or in on a window sill in the direct moon light. Waning moons are good as well to clear and get rid of old energy. We have included a full moon calendar for your use.

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